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On February 2, 2016, Shopify announced that they would be rolling out SSL encryption to all Shopify stores.  Shopify reported, "Today, we’re pushing for a safer, more secure internet by ensuring all pages, content, data...everything, on all 200,000+ online stores powered by Shopify can be accessed using SSL encryption. Not only will this ensure that no data could be intercepted as it goes over the network, but it will also help merchants build customer trust. This is the right thing for ecommerce in 2016."  

What This Means To You
Previously, while browsing our website, you may have noticed our McAfee SECURE McAfee SECURE Badgebadge.  You may have also noticed our Shopify Secure Shopify Secure Badge badge while checking out.  Here at Orchids and Hummingbirds Designs, LLC, we take security seriously and these security aspects will continue to be apart of our website.  

The exciting news that we want to share is that Shopify rolled out their SSL website encryption to our store.  As of today, we have UPDATED our website to reflect this security change!  You will soon notice that our web address has changed from http to https HTTPS Security Badge in an effort to further protect you while you are shopping online.

You will not need to do anything to experience this upgrade.  As always, you can find us at oandhdesigns.com.  

**If you would like to know more, click here to read more about how all Shopify stores now use SSL encryption everywhere.

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